About Us

Why Choose NCC?

From live and pre-recorded broadcast captioning for broadcasting and other applications to audio description, subtitling and dubbing, we offer media accessibility services to meet your needs. Our efforts improve accessibility for people across Canada and beyond. NCC is fully staffed to service broadcast operations, government, and corporations across the globe and respond quickly to technical issues and last-minute changes.

  • Trusted quality in accessibility services for all
  • Leader in accessibility technology
  • Reliable and responsive
  • Full-time, fully staffed, ready to respond

Our History

National Captioning Canada was founded in 1988. From news, sports, and entertainment to politics and legislative/governmental proceedings, and more, we bring accessibility to all of Canada. We count among our clients all of Canada’s major public and private broadcasters, production companies, and governmental bodies at the municipal, provincial and federal levels.

With our partner, Captionmax, LLC, we are one of North America’s leading accessibility companies with multiple production facilities, 24-7 operations and support, and global network of industry experts.

Have questions? Contact a representative directly at (403) 286-9696 or email contact@natcapcan.ca