Live Caption Web Conferencing Spotlight: Zoom

zoom meeting on laptop

There is perhaps no more popular platform for web conferencing in the world today than Zoom. But with great popularity comes a basic responsibility: to be accessible to all attendees.

Fortunately, like Cisco’s Webex, Zoom offers a streamlined live captioning solution to help ensure that the information exchanged during its Meetings, Chats, and Video Webinars can be easily shared with any participants who may be deaf, hard-of-hearing, or speak a different language.

Here’s how Captionmax can live caption your Zoom meeting:

1: On the Web Portal, navigate to Account Settings and clicking the “Meeting” tab. Toggle the “Closed Caption” option on, and save your settings.

step 1 image

2: When you enter your Zoom meeting, click “Closed Caption” at the bottom of the page. In the new window, select “Use 3rd party CC service” and copy the URL.

step 2 image

3: Relay this URL to the Captionmax Realtime Team. Attendees can toggle live captions by clicking the “CC” button at the bottom of their meeting window.

step 3 image

With so many people now using web conferencing to socialize with their friends and families, companies utilizing work-from-home environments for their employees, and educators hosting courses (even graduation ceremonies) for their students remotely, there is no doubt that Zooming is a-booming.

For many people who are new to hosting Zoom meetings, it can be easy to forget how many attendees might have accessibility needs. Fortunately, with live captioning from Captionmax, satisfying those demands is just as effortless.