Described Video

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Described video makes the visual content of any video accessible to blind and low-vision audiences. NCC mixes a secondary audio track around the source dialogue to verbally narrate important visual details, settings, critical plot actions, facial expressions, on-screen text, and more – so that audiences don’t need to see their screen to still experience what’s taking place on it.

Industries Served


Television and movies, as well as creators of online videos


Training and public messaging


Training videos, marketing materials, pre-produced company-wide messaging


Commencement events, student and faculty content, marketing videos

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How does NCC help?

  • Our talented staff of writers, editors, voiceover artists, and audio engineers will script, record, and mix descriptive audio in-house.
  • We pay attention to detail in all described video projects, emphasizing smooth delivery, correct pronunciation, and appropriate tone.
  • We offer quick-turn timing in English, Spanish and French Canadian, with file deliverables mixed with the source audio or unmixed (voiceover only). Need it in another language? NCC can also provide other same-as-source language pre-recorded described video upon request.
  • Need something simple? Or, have a style guide that is 500 pages long? No problem. Our technology-supported flexible workflows can be designed to meet the most basic or complex client needs.

Clients can choose from four options for Pre-Recorded Described Video:

  • A fully mixed audio file for broadcast or streaming workflows (mono, stereo, and 5.1 mixes)
  • A fully mixed descriptive audio track embedded into a video file for broadcast or VOD delivery (mono, stereo, and 5.1 mixes)
  • A text-based descriptive script to be used for screen readers (usually a .pdf or .vtt)
  • Expanded audio description for dialogue-heavy content, which includes video editing services to provide more time to insert our narrative description into the audio.

Have questions? Contact a representative directly at (403) 286-9696 or email