Live Captioning


Real-time Captioning is created when a captioner instantaneously transcribes the spoken to text using specialized software and equipment. NCC works with Canada’s major broadcasters along with public and private entities to caption news, sports, governmental proceedings and other content, along with live streamed content on web-based platforms.

Industries Served


Live television, sports, news, and special broadcasts


Live meetings, Chamber sittings, special events, training and development


Meetings and events, web conferencing, training and development


Lectures, events, and commencements

How does NCC help?

  • Our full team of realtime coordinators are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to oversee the live captioning of your program or event.
  • Live caption delivery is compatible with all caption encoders, across streaming and web conferencing platforms, and accessible on all devices.
  • We offer multi-layered security, end-to-end encryption, and custom security profiles based on need.
  • Each live caption writer prepares in advance of every assignment with program-specific information such as names and terms to ensure accuracy.
  • Is your audience global? We offer live translation in more than 100 different languages.

Have questions? Contact a representative directly at (403) 286-9696 or email