Multilanguage Dubbing creates a translated version of a video for distribution in other countries or to non-native speakers.

NCC manages the entire language dubbing process, from scripting and casting to recording and mixing the final audio.

We sync our new audio segments with your existing footage, keeping the dubbed version as close as possible to the original.

Live Subtitling:

Live subtitling is a form of live translation into more than 100 languages. Working with NCC for your live subtitling projects means our accurate subtitles deliver the maximum amount of understanding for your viewer.

Pre-recorded Subtitling:

Multi-language Subtitling adds translated text to your pre-recorded video to make it accessible to speakers of most any language in the world.

Industries Served


Television and movies with international audiences, news broadcasts


Videos for multi-lingual communities, live town hall meetings, community events


Live webinars, training videos and internal communications to international resources, conferences


University productions and training videos, lectures and campus events

How does NCC help?

  • NCC works exclusively with native-speaking, in-territory resources in each target geography to accurately capture cultural language nuances. We consider every factor to ensure your content is reliably communicated to viewers, maintaining the true artistic representation of any original program.
  • We provide multilanguage subtitling in over 100 languages, will meet any formatting needs, and can deliver to virtually any platform or user.
  • Localizing your content significantly improves comprehension of complex content.
  • Our accurate and detailed deliverables ensure that the dialogue maintains the emotion and intent of the original work.
  • Native language transcript provided at the conclusion of each program or event.
  • Our commitment to quality and seamless and highly secure workflows takes the stress and hassle out of the project.

Have questions? Contact a representative directly at (403) 286-9696 or email contact@natcapcan.ca